Luxury Home Builders in Paddington

Luxury Home Builders in Paddington

Choose Watara Homes for your builders Paddington

If you’re looking for a luxury custom home builder in Paddington QLD to organise your building works, Watara Homes is a respected and professional choice. We’ve been building homes in the local area of Brisbane since 1991 and have a variety of satisfied clients.

Our priority is to deliver spectacular homes that perform for our clients both architecturally and functionally. With open communication, professionalism, and a keen eye for detail acting as the fundamentals of every project, we can make the building process an enjoyable experience.

By choosing our highly skilled team, any homeowner can look forward to saying hello to the house of their dreams. Watara Homes provides every client with high-quality renovation, extension and custom-build projects in Paddington that elevate your current living space and boost comfort for you and your family.

Quality Brisbane builders

The Paddington suburb of Brisbane is known for its quaint surroundings and idyllic buildings, of which the professional team at Watara Homes has been proud to work on.

With decades of experience, Watara Homes aims to be the best builders in the local area. By combining our in-depth knowledge of the building industry and residential construction, with our team of experienced home builders, our clients are consistently happy with the quality of workmanship.

Our work on over 350 homes has allowed us to hone our skills, create a streamlined process for our clients, and deliver projects that meet the highest standards. By building a long-term partnership with our clients, we’re uniquely placed to help you perfect your home project from start to completion.

Our Process

At Watara Homes, we pride ourselves on our detailed process that ensures every client is completely satisfied with their home.

We understand that taking on a major housing project may seem out of your depth, which is why our team of experts are here to guide you through the whole process. We’ll ensure that your final build is everything you were hoping for, and will engage with you through the process to make sure everything is progressing as it should.

From the initial planning, to handing over the finished project, we strive to meet all our client’s needs and requirements every time. Take a look through our process guide to find out more about how we work. Or if you need some inspiration then feel free to check out this blog post.


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Our Local Builders Services in Paddington

  • Home Extensions

    Whether your family is growing, or you’re no longer satisfied with your current space, a home extension in Paddington is a suitable way to boost comfort and create a more liveable space.

    Extending your current property is a cost-effective alternative to a full-scale renovation, but can still provide the same wow-factor and transform the appearance of your home. Our contractors work as a unified team to take our client’s vision and turn it into reality in all our past projects.

    We’ll work hard to understand your needs and requirements, delivering the most effective solution based on your budget and lifestyle. Whether you want to boost natural light by adding a second storey, or create more room for your children to play, our team will listen closely and deliver a home extension that ticks all the boxes.

  • Home Renovation

    Our luxury home renovation services in Paddington are designed to give you and your family more space, improve the functionality and ultimately, make the most out of the home you love. Whether you’re planning a kitchen or bathroom renovation, our home renovation specialists are extremely attentive and dedicated to delivering a house project that you’re proud of.

    We are aware that the home renovation process can be confusing and overwhelming, so we work closely with all our clients to educate them throughout their journey and keep them updated as each project progresses.

    Our team will commit themselves to understanding your needs, requirements, and lifestyle to provide you with a Paddington home renovation project that you will enjoy from start to finish.

  • Custom Home Builds

    Our custom home builds in Paddington give you the chance to design and build your dream home. With an experienced construction team and years of architectural know-how, Watara Homes can help build a new home that is completely customised to your needs. 

    With Watara Homes, you can put your family first and create a luxurious home that elevates your lifestyle. From bespoke plans, top-quality finishes and some of the most trusted contractors and suppliers, we’re able to offer all our customers the best finish possible every time.

    At Watara Homes we are open to all ideas and projects, o matter the size. We’re dedicated to creating homes that our clients want to live in, and will pay as much care and attention to your project as we would our own homes.

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