Your Luxury Renovation Builders in Brisbane

Your Luxury Renovation Builders in Brisbane

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When looking for renovation builders in Brisbane, we know it’s important to find a team who gets you; a team who goes above and beyond to bring your vision to life. There are many benefits to renovating your current home, so much time and money can be wasted looking for what you are missing in another property. Chances are the design and layout of your current home are not practical or don’t fit with the design styles and methods that are current today.

Therefore, a house renovation project can add value both to your house and lifestyle, meaning an investment in both your property and personal life. At Watara, we have years of experience completing home renovations all across Brisbane’s North and Southside. We have fulfilled home renovations in West-End, Balmoral, Wavell Heights and other areas in the city and are confident in helping you navigate your renovation from start to finish, to ensure the best outcome for you.


Our home renovation building process

With any building project, these are some of the questions you need to ask yourself before engaging a builder.

What are you looking to achieve from your home renovation? What is the extent of the scope of work? Have you researched which renovation builder in Brisbane you would like to work with and which would best suit the project you are undertaking? Do you have an idea of a realistic budget for the project?

Once you have a clear understanding of what you are looking to achieve you can send us an enquiry and after review, you can expect a phone call to discuss your project in more detail and to make sure we are a good fit!

As with all home renovations, our process has a framework but is tailored to suit your project and to ensure we can make your dream home a reality.

Home renovation costs & quoting

Every project entails different scopes of work, and no two home renovation projects are the same. So, it’s impossible to apply the exact same process in two different projects, whether they’re both Queenslander renovations or located in the same suburb, for instance.

Therefore we will be unable to supply you with a building proposal for your project without the relevant documentation. The relevant documents include working drawings, selections, and engineering. Selections and finishes play a big part in the overall cost of your renovation project as personal style and desired finishes vary.

Having a selection schedule supplied to us as part of the documentation plays a big role in ensuring there is no uncertainty about what will be supplied and no lengthy delays during the project. We have a range of interior designers we work with on our projects and are able to engage their services to help you with your selections so you can provide us with a schedule you are going to be 100% happy with.

Renovations are often taken to update the feel of the home and make the space more functional and enjoyable to be in. The process of a home renovation should be a satisfying experience. You see your home transform from what it was to what it will become. You’d be surprised at what a renovation can do for your home. Take a look at a few of our favourite projects as well as our different guides on kitchen renovation costs and bathroom renovation steps.

Luxury Renovation Builders That Put You First

Each and every one of the renovations we work on starts with you. Our team of Brisbane builders take great pride in the commitment to excellence and ensuring a stress-free experience for you and your family.

When working with us, you won’t be engaging builders that rush through projects and treat your home like any other building site; we take care to ensure the finished result is something we’d truly love to live in ourselves. From working with the very best contractors and building materials to the time we take to fully understand your lifestyle goals, every aspect of your luxury home renovation will be covered.

Open Communication

The key to producing the finest quality renovations on budget and on time is communication. You’ll have access to our state-of-the-art client portal to keep you updated as we work to elevate your lifestyle. Any ideas, questions or concerns you may have, our team will be there to hear you and collaborate on your new house.

Home Renovation FAQ

  • Will my building contract be a fixed price?

    As specialists in custom home renovations, our project preparation phase is thorough. You can be sure that after all the preparation and time spent on the contract documentation (working drawings, selection schedule, engineering), no questions will be left unanswered. Following this, we’ll be able to present you with your project’s fixed-price building proposal and contract.

    If any changes occur during our time together, amendments and additions can be made to the contract, with the documentation being handled through your online portal.

  • How long do home renovations take?

    Planning and executing a home renovation project is no small feat. There are so many decisions to be made and they all have to be carefully considered in order to get the best possible results and keep things on schedule.

    Renovating your dream home in Brisbane can take between 6 – 14 months due to the meticulous planning and focus on quality execution that goes into every stage of the process. A complete overhaul can take months, depending on size and level of detail, but it’s worth every minute when you see your house restored with fresh paint and new fixtures!

  • Will we need alternative accommodation during the renovation?

    Whilst it may not always be necessary, we would recommend that you find alternative accommodation during the renovation process to speed up and streamline your project. Most of our clients do, in fact, find alternative accommodation while we work on their home renovations and you can be assured that we’d treat your house as if it were our own during our time working on it.

  • How do I find good builders for my renovation?

    Construction companies have varying levels of experience and expertise when it comes to renovating homes, and several Brisbane home renovation builders are excellent at what they do. You should take this into account when picking a contractor for the job. Don’t feel like you have to go with the first company you contact; take some time to explore all of your options so you can feel confident you’ve settled with the Brisbane renovation builder that is right for you.

    Above all else, you want to make sure:

    • They have a proven track record in high-quality home renovations
    • You can trust them to work closely with you and be supportive throughout the build process
    • They are builders who truly understand what you’re looking for and can fit your budget expectations
  • Should I renovate or move house?

    After successfully completing several home renovations across Brisbane city and the surrounds, the renovate/relocate question has come up a lot. For our clients, it often comes down to your current home’s location. If you love the location of your home and think it would be difficult to find somewhere just as good, it’s probably best to consider renovation. However, it can often be tricky when you’re looking to relocate but can’t find an option that fits exactly what you’re looking for – in this case, you may even want to consider a custom home build for a completely fresh start.

  • Why should I work with Watara Homes on my renovation project?

    Watara Homes has worked on home extensions and renovations for over 30 years and we know exactly what’s required for a stress-free build. From our open communication channels to high-quality craftsmanship, we take pride in providing exceptional service time and time again for our clients.

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