10 Luxury Custom Home Designs to Inspire Your Project 

10 Luxury Custom Home Designs to Inspire Your Project 

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If you want to upgrade and elevate your home, you might be trying to find some information online to give you inspiration, especially luxury custom home designs.

When it comes to building a luxury home, it’s normally best to work collaboratively with professional home builders who can translate your personal style and preferences into a stunning design that’s both aesthetic and functional.

A good luxury home comes down to creating comfortable spaces using architectural expertise, high-quality materials and sophisticated finishing touches.

If you want to get started with your custom home project, here are 10 luxury custom home designs that can serve as inspiration.

Top Luxury Custom Home Design Ideas

Many home builders around southeast Queensland are starting to embrace new trends and create luxury house plans that maximise living space and create a home that stands out from the crowd.

Custom homes are among the most popular choices for homeowners that want to reinvent their lifestyle. Beyond that, by undergoing a custom home project, you and your family can enjoy a house built exactly the way you’ve always dreamt of.

Here are 10 custom home designs that could be perfect for your project.

Embrace a mid-century modern vibe

Mid-century modern has been trendy for a long time. Featuring stylish wood and functional furniture, it can elevate any home project.

In our Diane housing project, we blended this timeless style with modern features to create a house that was completely bespoke for our clients.

Choose custom luxury home designs for the whole family

It can be easy to let your dreams get the better of you in a large scale home build, but it’s important to focus on the usability and functionality of your home.

Your luxury home builder can help you create a beautiful home that works for the whole family as you grow and live together.

Opt for an open-plan space

Open-plan spaces are extremely popular at the moment. By maximising your floor plan and keeping everything out in the open, you can easily give the appearance of more space.

If you’re short on space or want to create a more communal vibe in your house, this should be a design style you consider.

Create a connection between outdoor and indoor living

When the weather is nice in Brisbane, you want to be able to make the most out of it, so you might want to consider creating a home that blends the outdoor with the indoors.

Through conservatories, glass extensions and large opening doors, you can open your home up into the garden and create a space the whole family can enjoy.

Focus on the functional areas of your home

A beautiful home isn’t all that great when it doesn’t function as it should, so focus on making the functional areas of your home perfect for your needs.

From designing a kitchen with space for all your appliances to creating innovative storage solutions in your pantry or staircase, your new home should make your life easier.

Think outside the box with unique textures

We’ve started to see more home builders thinking outside of the box when it comes to the textures and materials that are used around a new project.

More builders are experimenting with timber, stone benchtops or concrete. The same approach can be taken inside with ‘self-finished’ walls that aren’t covered with plasterboard or paint.

Invest in well-being around the home

Your home should be a sanctuary, so your new project could be the perfect time to invest in additions to boost your happiness and wellbeing.

Install a pool in the garden for morning swims, or an at-home gym to keep fit throughout the year.

Experiment with lighting for a unique atmosphere

Many beautiful homes have equally beautiful lighting to accessorise individual spaces.

Although many people will want to prioritise natural lighting, this cannot always be achieved in the dead of winter so you should take time to consider the atmosphere other lighting sources could provide.

Keep your home environmentally friendly with solar panels

Home builders across Australia are becoming more considerate of the environment when building homes. Invest in solar panels to power your home, or use eco-friendly materials to cut down on your carbon footprint.

Incorporate a luxurious balcony into your main suite

A great addition to any luxury home is a stunning balcony that extends your master suite. A perfect place to sip on coffee in the morning or enjoy a beautiful Brisbane sunset, we think it’s a must for any house project.

How to Build Your Luxury Dream Home

Building a custom home can be a big project, but is much easier when you’re working with an expert team of house builders like Watara Homes. The process can be complex and can even involve a knockdown and rebuild project, but our team of specialist builders is there to make it as clear and easy as possible.

Here is some insight into the entire process that you can expect to follow when building a luxury custom home.

Planning and preliminary services

At the start of your project, you’ll work with your home builder and architect to put pen to paper and design a luxurious layout. We will provide an idea of the expected budget, and timeframe, and deliver a preliminary estimate and detailed proposal for your project.

Proposal and agreement

If you’re happy with the plans your luxury home builders have proposed, you can finalise the design, receive a detailed proposal, and sign the contract agreement before the construction team arrives on site.

Construction and project admin

There are many people involved in a luxury home construction team, but the most important is the building supervisor and leading hand carpenter who will be heavily involved in your project.

Throughout construction, you’ll be kept updated on the progress and any upcoming items or important details.

Luxury house builders hand over project and warranty

Now your luxury home is complete, your luxury home builder will hand over the project. But the whole process doesn’t end there, we provide a 12-month defects liability period so you can settle in with peace of mind.

Your Luxury Home Builders in Brisbane

If you’re looking for the best builder to help you with your project, feel free to get in touch with us at Watara Homes.

As luxury home specialists, we pride ourselves on creating some of the highest-quality builds in the Brisbane area. Whether you’re looking for a renovation, a new custom build or a luxury house extension, we’d be happy to collaborate with you. 

With years of expertise and incredible attention to detail, our custom home builders can help make your dream house a reality.

Is Building a Luxury Custom Home Worth it?

Yes. We think that building a luxury custom home design is definitely worth your investment.

Everyone has different needs, so it’s unlikely that you’ll be able to find your dream home on the market. That’s why so many people are deciding to build their own homes.

Building your own home is the easiest way to create a space that maximises your lifestyle, boosts your comfort, and increases the value of your home if you decide to sell it in the future.

With a multi award-winning builder, you can create a stylish and elegant space that you can enjoy for many years to come.

Get Your Project Started

In this article, we’ve taken you through 10 functional and aesthetic custom luxury home designs that you can use to inspire your next project. What was your favourite home design?

If you’ve got a vision that you want to bring to life, get in touch with our team of luxury home builders today and we’d be happy to discuss what your new luxury home could look like.