4 simple steps for a successful bathroom renovation

4 simple steps for a successful bathroom renovation

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Chances are if you are looking to renovate your bathroom, your home is more than 10-15years old, and in most cases more than 20 years old. The lifespan for a quality bathroom has the potential to exceed 20 years, perfect for growing families or if you’re looking to update and sell.

Bathroom renovations are meant to have you pulling out old fittings, not your hair! In this article we’ll take you through four simple steps to achieve a successful bathroom renovation.

1 . Research & Explore

There are so many details to consider when starting to design your bathroom. Where to start can sometimes be overwhelming. Remember that no one ever thought of an original idea on their own.

Use everything in your surroundings to help inspire and narrow down the design you want to achieve.

  • Pinterest is a great source of home interior design and styling ideas. Follow a few popular pages and start creating mood boards of things you love.
  • Use Instagram to follow interior design pages to discover what’s on trend right now.
  • Purchase home and interior magazines to get a better understanding of bathroom trends in Australia.
  • Visit your local showrooms from Reece Plumbing, tile retailers etc. This is where you can start piecing together the approximate cost of the fittings and material you want to use.

Take photos, save images and use these to clearly define the design of your new bathroom. Does everything work together? Is it within your budget?

2. Planning

Like anything, great results are achieved with a great team. You’re not alone on this journey, and discussing your ideas with builders, architects or interior designers will help give you insight into what’s achievable in the space/your budget, and any roadblocks that might occur. At this stage you will know from the range of professionals you talk to who it is you’ll want to work with

3. Selections

Once you have the right professional selected, a timeline gets set and your project will start to gain momentum. By now you will have the design and layout locked down and in the final thing to do is to select the fine details. Putting together a selection schedule for your tapware, basins, cabinetry and tiles is very important as this is where up to 40% of your project cost lies. So as you can appreciate, having a detailed schedule of finishes documented streamlines the construction phase considerably.

"Communication in the building phase is key"

4. Building

So you have your Building Company selected, a detailed schedule of finishes, a design and layout. It’s time to start your project, your builder will have a contract in place and a detailed building proposal outlining everything you require of the project. Communication in the building phase is key. Ensure you voice any concerns with clarity as they may arise. Saving any concerns or issues until the end of the project will be too late.

Once the construction phase has come to a close, your builder should supply you with a handover pack consisting of all the relevant documents for warranty and certificates for aspects of work such as plumbing and Waterproofing.


We hope this has offered some insight on how to approach a bathroom renovation.

If you’re looking for a high-quality builder to help lead your bathroom renovation in Brisbane, head to our contact page to fill out our enquiry form.

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