Queenslander Renovations Brisbane

Queenslander Renovations Brisbane

Breathing New Life Into Your Queenslander

The Queenslander homes built in the early 20th century are now one of Australia’s most popular attractions, and rightfully so. Their wide verandahs and unmistakable charm is a large part of Australian architectural history.

While they might be some of the oldest homes in Australia, it doesn’t mean they need to be outdated. As expert custom home specialists, the Queenslander renovations in Brisbane we produce give them a new lease on life. With fresh appliances and contemporary design fixtures, your Queenslander renovation will suit your modern lifestyle, whilst maintaining the heritage we love them for.

Our Commitment to You

Our team of Queenslander renovation builders is well-trained, detail-oriented and committed to delivering Brisbane’s best construction service. We have a history of completing 350+ home projects, and we provide home renovation services all over Brisbane.

Your Queenslander renovation is likely something you’ll only do once, and we want to make sure that you get the best experience possible. Our goal is to provide you with hand-held support throughout your exciting renovation journey so you’re fully aware of every update and progression. At Watara Homes, we strongly believe in building and maintaining excellent relationships with our construction clients in Brisbane. We want you to feel at ease during our partnership. This is why we have a strong focus on communication and built our online easy-to-use client portal so you can stay in the loop.

The Start of Your Queenslander Renovation Process

As you’ll appreciate, there are a lot of steps before engaging a builder to restore your Queenslander to its former glory. At Watara Homes, we can be there in whatever capacity you need us, each step of the way.

Project Planning

Planning for Queenslander home renovations is a long process in itself. In the early stages, we can support you with providing budget expectations for renovating your classic Queenslander and assist with the design process where needed.

Initial Consultations and Services

As your ideas of luxury french doors and more open-plan living begin to go onto paper, our first meeting with you will enable us to gain a deep understanding of what it is you’re looking for.

We will usually begin to support in one of three ways, depending on your situation:

  1. The provision of a preliminary estimate if you have a concept design from working with a designer or architect
  2. Creation of a detailed building proposal for your project if you have all the necessary documentation in place and you’re ready to start
  3. Project collaboration if you are at the very beginning of your journey and would like to work in collaboration with Watara Homes and our architects/designers to guide you throughout the design process and provide full documentation.

Queenslander Renovations Brisbane – FAQs

  • How much does a Queenslander renovation in Brisbane cost?

    As Brisbane home renovation specialists, rather than volume builders, we can’t give you an accurate estimate based on the m2 area that your Queenslander renovation will cover. Instead, we’ll need to be able to have a conversation with you about the detailed scope of work and review of the necessary documentation. After which, we can provide you with your unique building proposal and pricing.

  • Is my Queenslander worth renovating?

    If you are on the fence about renovating your Queenslander home, you should know that the demand for these homes is at an all-time high.

    We understand that renovating a Queenslander home is a big investment and it can be hard to decide whether or not to do it and like any large commitment, it’s going to depend on lots of factors.

    If you love your traditional home and want to make the most of it, we would say yes, it is worth renovating. Queenslanders are a strong piece of history and many wish to preserve their iconic home with a modern touch through a carefully considered renovation.

  • How long does the renovation take?

    The work involved in a renovation often varies from the works of a newly-built home. The amount of time takes people by surprise but Watara Homes understands the fact that a home renovation is a detailed project so the long time duration is valid.

    You wouldn’t want to rush the renovation of your Queenslander. For a property with such great heritage, you’d want to upgrade your lifestyle in the right way, with builders who truly deliver on the style you’re looking for.

  • Should we arrange an alternative accommodation throughout the renovation?

    While looking for an alternative accommodation completely depends on the size of the renovation, we’ll appreciate it if you can manage one during the project. This will increase our efficiency, helping us work more flexibly and speed up the execution. Most of our clients have found an alternative place to accommodate them as they found it more comfortable.

    We strive to deliver you a finely polished product. Watara Homes’ consultation, observation, execution, and delivery, everything is well-planned and handled with great care and sincerity. You won’t have to worry about the finishing or the detailing of the renovation. Our experts are here to do it for you.

  • Why should I work with Watara Homes on restoring my classic Queenslander to its former glory?

    With its characteristic 20th century charm and grandeur, your Queenslander isn’t just a house, it’s a part of history. Whether you’re looking for more open-plan space, upgrading bedrooms and living areas or a combination of the two, we’ll be there to accommodate as best we can.

    Our thorough process, from planning to handover, will ensure you’ll be getting the features your looking for from your Queenslander renovation.

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