Our unique process is based on professionalism, open communication, and education. The processes of a construction company should help you to define which builder you proceed with on your project. Mitch insists on set procedures and processes in order to maintain an organised, professional and structured approach for himself and his team.

You can expect our process to follow:



So, you’re looking to build or renovate? And you’ve spent some time researching building companies that you’d like to work with on your project. At the start of our process, you will complete our detailed enquiry form to provide us with a better understanding of you and your project and how we can work together to meet your requirements and expectations.

on-site consultation

Once your project enquiry form is complete, we will arrange a meeting to discuss your project in more depth, this includes the following:

  • What you would like to achieve with your proposed project
  • Where you are currently situated with your project
  • Building design, vision and requirements for your project
  • Required commencement/completion dates
  • Discuss construction, quality and finishes specifications and budget

From this stage you can move forward with one of two options:

  • Arrange information required for us to supply a detailed building proposal
  • With our guidance, move forward with our design process to efficiently and effectively start the pre-construction phase of your project.


If you have worked with us on a design concept, we will have obtained the required information including but not limited to, preliminary floor plans, engineering and a soil test site survey to put together a fixed price building proposal for you. You will now be educated on builders’ terminology and have a solid understanding of your project and the documentation we have prepared; this allows us to work together collaboratively and successfully.

Contract agreement

It is important that we have everything for your project documented as this reflects what will be built by our team. Every piece of documentation that we have completed in the pre-construction/design phase adds value to your project. Included in the documentation are working drawings, schedule of finishes, engineering and scope of work. Once you are confident all the documentation reflects your requirements, we will draft a contract and sign so we can prepare to start construction.


All of your documentation has been uploaded to the client portal so that you can view at any time and track the progress of your project. After you gain an understanding of the platform, you are ready for construction! We will schedule your start date and work will commence on site with a sit-down meeting with client and builder at Frame stage, Lockup, Fix-out and Pre-Practical Completion. These meetings are to ensure you are 100% satisfied with the service and if we are meeting your expectations.

Handover & WARRANTY

We have completed your project on time, on budget, and stress-free. We have been working with each other now for 6-18months, from initial enquiry through to completion. However, it doesn’t stop here it just becomes a little less involved. We provide a 12-month defects liability period. This involves 6 and 12-month inspections to ensure you have settled into the home and should there be anything to attend to, we can do so during these two visits. From here we offer a 7-year structural warranty with follow up phone calls and meetings at 3 & 5 years for quality control.