Top 10 Interior Design Trends of 2023

Top 10 Interior Design Trends of 2023

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As the years come and go, there are changes and evolutions in almost everything, including the home interior industry. Different interior design trends dominate the market and people’s attention every year.

The post-pandemic years have impacts on the changing interior trends. The years 2021 and 2022 were more about functionality and blending styles, as we get to spend even more time at home.

The year 2023 brings a significant shift. Interior design trends will reflect a renewed interest in nature and functional home-work spaces. Notably, Australia’s latest interior design trends feature more cozy furniture and soft tones. 

If you live in Brisbane or any part of Australia and you’re looking to give your home a quick update or an extreme makeover, you’ll find this reading very instructive.

Here are the top interior design trends for 2023 in Australia. This list can give you what you need to switch up your space and suit your lifestyle, from kitchen design concepts to furniture details. 

The changes in home interior design in 2023

The coronavirus pandemic affected people’s lifestyles to a large extent. It practically aborted social life, and people withdrew to the comfort of their homes like never before.

The post-pandemic eras have seen and still expect tremendous changes in lifestyle and home interior design trends. People have minimised their social lives and reduced work in the office while making their homes their new offices in 2023.

People are trying to isolate themselves and stay safe and are now mainly working from home in 2023; they try as much as possible to make their homes as comfortable as possible so that working from home can be as productive and easy as it would be from the office.

So how do they do this? They do this by making their homes’ interiors more defining and alluring than they used to be. Therefore, it is not a mirage that the post-pandemic years have a huge impact and will continue to impact the interior home designs.

This situation will affect the interior demand of people for their homes. For example, people will demand home interiors that would adequately allow their minds to be calm to work from home.

Not just that! People are now looking for interior trends for their homes that come with technology safety options to further protect their homes from the virus dispersers.

Home interior design trends of 2023

The year 2023 has come with home interior design trends that break the internet and make homeowners do their best to update their home interiors.

So are you seeking to update your home interior with the latest interior design trends of 2023? Or are you searching for a guide to help you update your craft? If that’s so, it’ll be worth sparing a few minutes going through this article and learning the main home interior trends of 2023.

Change in your home design may not always be enough to satisfy your desires for your home. If you’re looking for a deeper transformation, consider starting a house renovation project. Our specialist builders at Watara Homes would be more than happy to help.

Without further ado, here are the home interior design trends of 2023.

1. Shades of brown

The colour brown is most often overlooked. But home decor specialists have started to discover that brown is one of the most fabulous colours for the home interior.

Shades of brown are one of the interior colours of home designs that are naturally inspired and give the home a versatile, cosy, and comfortable atmosphere. How can you incorporate a brown shade as a design in the home decor? Quite simple! 

By focusing shades of brown on walls and floors, you cannot exclude room furniture, accessories, and home light fixtures.

You may find it inspiring that one of the reasons why the brown shade design is trending in 2023 is because it brings class into modern interior design through an exhibition of a traditional look.

Next time you are looking for an interior design for your home, you might incorporate brown.

*Photo below – Dylan James

2. Curved furniture

The home interior design patterns for furniture gradually shift from straight cut furniture to cozier and more artistic sculpture.

Home interior design professionals have affirmed that 2023 will have more curved-shaped furniture. Curved furniture in homes provides a cozy environment of luxury, comfortability, and a calm environment.

It may interest you to know that budget-friendly vendors are also moving in the line of supplying curved furniture. That trend means that, even with your budget, you can get something curvy for your home.

One of the advantages of curved furniture designs is that it perfectly fits even into tiny spaces. Watch out for curvy furniture trends in modern homes in 2023.

*Photo below – Havenly Hideaway

3. Furnishings that are pet friendly

The year 2023 will see a tremendous rise in the demand for pet-friendly furnishings in the home decor industry in Australia. These days, many people are beginning to demand spaces that creatively accommodate their pets without playing down on aesthetics.  

That being said, interior design trends 2023 Australia feature pet-friendly home decor designs. Luxuries are not limited to humans only in the homes, but pets also are a huge consideration. People want to treat their loving pets well.

Therefore, if you consider incorporating designs that suit your pet’s needs, you must ensure it blends in with the overall home design.

*Photo below – The Cat Design

4. Nature-inspired objects and designs

Since the pandemic outbreak, homeowners have been looking to make their spaces more welcoming, exciting and natural.

Therefore, there is a need to return the nature and environment they miss outside their homes to compensate. For that reason, 2023 and the subsequent years shall witness a considerable addition of natural objects in the interior home designs.

The biological effect of nature in our space

Biophilic design does a lot more for us as humans than you may think.

There have been several studies from all around the world investigating the biological effect of nature in our homes and workplaces. For example, a study by Tsunetsugu & Miyazaki in 2005** highlighted the fact that a visual connection with nature resulted in lowered blood pressure and heart rate. They explored this further with their colleague Sato in 2007*** to find that a material connection with nature resulted in improved comfort.

This just scratches the surface of the research into the effect of biophilic design. Go ahead – use plants, textures, and patterns from nature in your home and become a healthier, happier family.

*Photo below – The Stylesmiths

**Source: Tsunetsugu & Miyazaki (2005). Journal of Physiological Anthropology and Applied Human Science.

***Source: Tsunetsugu, Miyazaki & Sato (2007). Journal of Wood Science.

5. Soft earth tone touches

One of the most stunning colours featured in home interior design trends 2023 is soft earth tone colours.

Soft earth tone colours provide what homeowners need in the post covid era.

It provides a sense of healing and a calm and restored feel to any space.

Natural colours like warm browns and soft greys can combine these soft earth tones (such as earthly green) to give the desired earthly touch. This colour palette may be one of the top home interior designs you might want to choose if all you desire is a remarkable feeling of calmness in your home.

*Photo below – Historiska Hem

6. Canopy bed interiors

Another home interior design that will trend in 2023 and beyond is the home design canopy bed. That trend results from the intuitive indoor and classic shade it gives to a bed and overall bedroom design.

Plus, it comes with a traditional touch combined with a feel of modern sensitivity.

*Photo below – Loris Dennis

7. Dark kitchen design concepts

The kitchen interiors over the years have changed from light colours to dark, solid colours.

These colours can be playfully exhibited around the kitchen walls using paint or as a base colour for your kitchen cabinets.

A darker kitchen helps create a rich environment focused on food, dining and entertaining making a kitchen more purposeful than usual. It can effortlessly go with luxury stones like marbles which hide kitchen messes and are very easy to clean.

If you’re looking to start a project on your kitchen, you can read our breakdown on the kitchen renovation costs in Brisbane.

*Photo below – Slow Beam

8. Traditional detail designs

The interior design trends 2023 Australia also plays up more traditional detail designs in the homes as more people are now trying to connect with their roots.

With the changes in times and events over the years, more people are finding and craving comfort in issues of little nostalgia in their different homes.

These traditional detail designs can be seen in the furniture and various antique pieces.

*Photo below – Home Beautiful

9. Home Offices

There is a need for every homeowner who works from home to have a room designed especially for work.

Most employees and entrepreneurs now work remotely due to the covid 19 impact on social lives. For that reason, 2023 will witness more office setups in home design interiors.

The homework rooms in 2023 will employ more and more smart boards, high-speed wifi, and a lot of plug-in outlets.

If you are working from home in 2023, you may need to get a room in your home designed for work from home purposes.

*Photo below – Sivak Partners

10. Patterns and Tactile Textures

Bold patterns and textures can add perfect personality to your interior design. From canvas prints and wallpapers to cushions and throws, there’s a lot you can do to add some vibrance to your room.

This 2023 interior design trend is a favourite of ours and for good reason. Styles come and go but the patterns you choose make your home unique. Keep up with the trends if you wish to do so; add your earth tones and biophilic design but don’t let it stop your home from feeling yours.

With the abundance of bold patterns and textures available, you’re guaranteed to find something that fits in and fits you, regardless of the look you’re going for.

*Photo below – Prue Ruscoe

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