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There are many benefits to renovating your current home, rather than looking for what you are missing in another property.

When renovating your current home, anything is possible depending on what you are adding or removing, and any restrictions you may have. Chances are the design and layout of your current home are not on trend with the design styles and methods that are current today. With years of experience doing home renovations all across the Brisbane’s north and southside, we can help you navigate the renovation from start to finish, to ensure the best outcome for you.

Renovation Project Case Study – Marmindie 2019

Our renovation building process

Do Your Homework

What are you looking to achieve from your house renovation? What is the extent of the scope of work? Have you researched which renovation builder you would like to work with on your project and would best suit the project you are going to undertake? With any building project, these are some of the questions you need to ask yourself before thinking of engaging a builder. Once you have a clear understanding of what you are looking to achieve you will send an online enquiry through our contact page, and we will get back to you and arrange a time to get on a 5-10 minute phone call to discuss your project.


watara homes renovation process

Stage 1 – Enquiry

After this phone call, you will receive an enquiry form. Complete all the questions on this form, and once we have received your questions we will arrange a site meeting to discuss the next steps to move forward with your house renovation.

Stage 2 – Onsite Consult

At the onsite consultation we will have a general walk-around inspection of the property and run through your proposed ideas of what you would like to achieve. In doing so, we will offer feedback and our opinion on what is possible. We will document what you would like us to include and exclude as part of a scope of work. At this point, we will then discuss involving one of our partnered building designers to attend the site to draw up a plan. We will send you a fee proposal to outline the scope involved in the design phase of the project. From here, you will gain access to our Client Portal where you will communicate with us in the design phase and keep track of the progress. The Client Portal is also where you will access all documents relating to the project, and keep up to date with payments and all communication.

Stage 3 – Design

After defining what you are looking to achieve from the renovation and accepting the fee involved, we will return to the site within 5-10 working days with the selected building designer and do an onsite measure which (usually takes 1-2hrs). You will receive the first concept design in 15-20 business days for your review and feedback. Once the working drawings reflect your layout we will require a schedule of finishes. You can supply us with this, or if you are finding this difficult we have a number of interior designers we work with that will help you put this together. Once you are happy with all that will be included in your project, we will define each trade’s scope of works and send them to our suppliers and subcontractors to supply us with a quote. Once we receive back all of this information we will check over the supplied information and correlate the quotes to complete our Building Proposal for your approval.

Stage 4 – Contract

The design and the scope of works have now been defined, and the building proposal we supplied will form part of our building contract. The contract will stipulate start date, parties involved, contract price, progress claims and other important timeline information. If there is anything that is not clear or you have any concerns now is the time to voice them. If you require finance you now have all the information you need to visit your lender and supply them with the building contract, proposed plans and building proposal.

Stage 5 – Construction

Prior to starting work onsite we will meet and run through the logistics and issue a commencement notice. At this time you will supply us with a method of access. Throughout the build process the relationship and communication between the homeowners and the builder is a key aspect of the success of the projects we run. This is why we have invested in the platforms, systems and processes to ensure that every project we take on is as successful as the last.

Stage 6 – Practical Completion (PC) & Hand over

PC means the day the subject work is completed. Two weeks prior to the date of PC we will organise a home owner and builder defects inspection walkthrough. We will create a defects document and sign off on the agreed and disagreed items. This list will then be completed prior to handing over the property and issued a notice allowing the homeowner to take possession of the home.

Stage 7 – Warranty & Follow Up Inspections

In our handover document we will set out some important dates for follow up inspections as well as the product warranty and the relevant forms for the works completed. We will schedule a 6 & 12-month follow-up inspection ensuring your satisfaction with the property and attend to any minor concern that may arise as the house is getting used to having a family occupy the property. At the inspections we will document anything that may be of concern to monitor and refer to in the future if required.

Home renovation costs & quoting

Every renovation project entails different scopes of work, and no two projects are the same, therefore we will be unable to supply you with a building proposal for your project without the relevant documentation. The relevant documents include working drawings, selections and engineering if required. Selections and finishes play a big part in the overall cost of your renovation project as every personal style and desired finishes varies. Having a selection schedule supplied to us as part of the documentation is a big part of ensuring there is no uncertainty about what will be supplied. We have a range of interior designers we work with on our projects in which we can engage their services to help you with your selections and supply the selection schedule you are going to be 100% happy with.

Home renovation project before and afters

Renovations are often taken to update the feel of the home and make the space more functional and enjoyable to be in. The process of a home renovation should be an enjoyable experience. You see your home transform from what it was to what it will become. You’d be surprised at what a renovation can do for your home. Take a look at a few of our favourite projects.

Frequently asked questions on renovating


We have a detailed and in-depth preparation for any renovation project we take on, and yours will be no different. After all the preparation and time we have spent on the contract documentation (working drawings, selection schedule, engineering) there will be no questions or pieces of information of your project left unanswered. This is how we can offer a fixed price Building Proposal along with a fixed price building contract. On the instance there is a change requested to the contract documentation this will be treated as a variation to the contract and this paperwork will be drafted and sent to you on our Online Client Portal for approval.


The logistics and time frame of a renovation are very different to that of a new build, people often gasp at the timeline involved with a well-executed renovation “you could build a new house in 3 months”. We are different to other Brisbane renovation builders. We treat your home like a home, not a building site which means we won’t have tradespeople working all over your home. We have a well thought out approach to your renovation which we carefully schedule taking into account a few things – time frame allowed for the renovations, are you still living in the home during construction, and working hours or day restrictions. We aim to minimise the impact the renovation has on your everyday living through maintaining a clean site, containing the space of the home we occupy for storing material and equipment and running a strict schedule to finish the project on time.


The decision to find alternative accommodation during the renovation will depend on the size of the renovation and if we can manage to complete the project with you still occupying the home while we work to complete the project. Majority of the clients we work with are able to stay in the home while we complete the renovation.


The quality of the workmanship is managed in 2 ways:
The first is clearly defining each sub-contractors scope of works and setting the expectation of what will be delivered and the timeline in which is it be completed. The second is our contractors form our team, they have been working with us on the majority of our projects if not all of them, so they know what we expect and we all work together to ensure the next trades job is as simple as it should be. After the Subcontractors scope of work is completed we will inspect the completed work ensuring it has met the standards and tolerances set. This results in the client having their project completed to their expectations.


We will select an area in which we will occupy during the renovation. We will store all our deliveries and equipment here, this is usually contained by temporary fencing. We have lock boxes where the keys to your property will live during the renovations. We will also ensure the property will be cleaned at the end of each day and locked prior to leaving the site.

Do You Only Take Renovation Projects On Brisbane’s Southside?

Watara Homes has worked on house renovations all around Brisbane on both the north and southside. We take each renovation on a case by case basis.