House Extensions Brisbane North

House Extensions Brisbane North

Extend Your Home in Brisbane Northside

Are you running out of space at home? Whether your family is growing or your space can’t accommodate the new furniture you’d like, you may be thinking about an extension so you can live the life you want whilst staying in the home you love.

There are several benefits to extending your home besides a bigger space. You will be able to add more features, style, personality, and character to the extension. This is a customisation that allows you to add variation and value effortlessly.

At Watara Homes, we understand the personal importance of your property. So we take our time with your home to give your home in North Brisbane the extension it deserves.

Home Extensions With Watara Homes

Whether you need a modern extension or something more traditional, an extra bedroom or a kids’ playroom, you can count on our experts to take complete responsibility and handle your project carefully.

For us to turn your extension vision into reality, we need you to provide us with as many details as possible. We’ll work closely with the architect and engineer to provide feedback on your documentation as this will give us a crystal-clear idea of what you want and what can be achieved.

Of course, there’s a sequential process that includes face-to-face meetings, contract agreements, and many more steps but the first thing we need to get started is a draft of your vision. Gather all the questions you might have and send them over to us. We’ll review the enquiry and get back to you with a 5 – 10 minute call just to ensure that we’re on the same page.

The Cost of Renovating in North Brisbane

Keep in mind that every property and every house is different; their size, appearance, and your vision for the future all come into play when quoting accurately for your project.

As home renovation specialists in North Brisbane, we operate differently than volume builders. Hence our pricing doesn’t work as m² rate – we consider every factor, so can’t propose a cost randomly.  Because of this, we suggest you prepare relevant documentation and have an idea of the scope of work to ensure we can provide you with the perfect proposal.

Home extensions can give your home a completely new appearance. And we work hard to ensure that the extension doesn’t look awkward and blends flawlessly with your current home.

Our Approach To Your Home Extension

Watara Homes have been maintaining three main principles – professionalism, open communication, and enlightening clients throughout the process – since 1991. Our brilliant team members and owner Mitchell strive for fine details, top-notch finishing, and quality experience. 

We have always valued our relationship and understanding with clients more than anything. Embracing this belief, we have successfully delivered projects for more than 350 homes, including house extensions in Brisbane, Northside, in the past 30 years. We plan to do so and more in the coming years.

Choose the Perfect Extension to Your North Brisbane Home

  • Single-Story Extension

    If you have space available on your block to extend your home in North Brisbane, you may want to go for this option. A single-story extension is an addition to your home that has the same height as the original house. It can be used for a variety of purposes, but more often than not it is used for more living space.

    There are many benefits to adding a single-story extension to your home. Firstly, you have more living space which means you have more room for things like bedrooms and dining areas. Secondly, you will not need to worry about stairs – this can be ideal if there are people in your family who struggle with mobility or you have young children.

    Finally, if you do not require an extra bedroom or want to give up some of your current ones, then perhaps adding on a study or hobby room would be better suited for you.

  • Second-Story Extension

    If you want to keep the space as it is and yet want an extension, the second-story extension could be for you. If your block size in North Brisbane is slightly smaller (up to 600m2), it’s often best to consider extending vertically, rather than horizontally.

  • Raise and Build Under

    Perhaps you are considering Raising, Sliding or Restumping your home. Your house can move forward, backward or across the block depending on your needs. There are many benefits to these processes, including leaving space for additions to the home and dividing them into two individual blocks. Take a look at our ultimate guide to raising and building under for more information.

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