Barron – Gordon Park (In Progress)

Raise & Build
|Bones Studio|November 2021 - August 2022

Project Value: $600,000 – $800,000


Our client came to us with a brief for a Raise and Build Under for her character home but hoped to keep it modest and true to the way she lived.

She needed more space but also wanted that space to be designed with efficiency and usability at the forefront. Each new and reworked space in this home has been carefully executed with purpose and smart design. The spaces are multi-use and flexible to accommodate future changes.

The home is focused around light, open plan living, and a strong connection to the outdoors with a large back deck, patio, and a deck off the Main Bedroom on the first floor.

Mixing modern, character, and quirky mid-century styling, Barron House is one to remember.