Builders in North Brisbane

Builders in North Brisbane

Watara Homes Servicing Brisbane’s Northside

Watara Homes have been in the builders’ business since 1991. We have maintained three main principles from the company’s beginning – open communication, professionalism, and educating our clients along the building process. 

We have great expertise in analysing and understanding architecturally designed homes all over Brisbane. Our dedicated team members ensure fine detailing, top-notch finishes, and an enjoyable experience.

Quality Craftsmanship

With our ample experience to guide us, we have successfully worked on over 350 homes. In our 30 years of constructing homes, we learned that an understanding relationship and great communication is the key to a well-executed building. 

The Watara Homes team extends, renovates, and builds custom homes for clients all around Brisbane – both the South and Northside. We’re one of the most trusted builders in North Brisbane, with our clients commending us on attention to detail and quality of workmanship.

Over the years, we’ve improved our services, skills and have been ensuring our relationship with clients is even stronger. We want to maintain a long-term partnership and hence take great care of every need you may have.

Our Process

We follow certain steps to ensure your North Brisbane build is exactly what you are looking for. Feel free to take a detailed look at our process, so you know what to expect.

We’re always working to provide you with the best construction experience possible. While there are numerous small details to be careful about, Watara Homes’ highly skilled team members take the liberty to deliver you the home of your dreams exactly how you envisioned it.

Our Construction Services in North Brisbane

  • Home Extensions

    Whenever you need a bigger space in your home due to a growing family or maybe just for a bit of extra comfort, a home extension in North Brisbane may be what you need. If you’re looking for a cost-effective, less-exhausting alternative to a moving house, an extension is worth considering.

    At Watara, we take time to listen to what you need to deliver the most effective solution based on your budget, vision, and lifestyle. We analyse your current home thoroughly, take note of your preferences, and put together a plan for an extension that both adds value and meets what you need.


    The home extension doesn’t only increase the space of your home; you get a chance to change the appearance and usefulness of the area. We aim to tie the extension seamlessly into your current home so it doesn’t look like an awkward addition. 


    Working with growing families and supplying them with a comfortable solution is what we do and what our team is so passionate about. The process of having your home extended should be an enjoyable experience, as you see your home transform from what was to what it will become.

  • Home Renovations

    Home renovation is another cost-effective solution to get something new from your home. We understand that renovating your home can heighten your concerns and stress. And it’s completely okay. At Watara, we guide you through the process and offer a hand-held service taking you from initial idea to final build.


    This way, you’ll also be assured that your beloved home is in safe hands. With years of experience under our belt, we’ve completed several home renovations to be where we are today as trusted builders in North Brisbane.

  • Custom Home Builds

    Custom homes are another exciting project that we specialise in at Watara. Seeing you glow with happiness once your dream home has become a reality is what drives us and why we love to do what we do.


    You can trust that our team has your best interests at heart when it comes to your new custom home. We love to take on the challenges for you and create your dream house from the ground up.


    Whichever design, structure, colour, or customisation you’re looking for, we’ll get it done for you. Our skilled workers, suppliers, and engineers are always ready for the command. From consulting to executing the plan to adding finishing touches, we’re always on our toes to ensure that you receive a zero-complaint service.


    The cost for these projects depends on several factors: the size, material requirement, and what you’re looking for from the house, so it’s nearly impossible to name an accurate cost without knowing the details. Unlike other volume builders in North Brisbane, our rate does not entirely depend on the build’s area. As custom home specialists, we can provide a unique quote once we’ve been able to review the necessary documentation.

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