5 Biggest Misconceptions People Have When Renovating

5 Biggest Misconceptions People Have When Renovating

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After working in construction and renovation for over 15 years, trust me when I say I’ve heard some real stories and misconceptions about renovating over that time. Especially since the rise of home renovation shows like ‘The Block’ and ‘House Rules’, which often provide unrealistic expectations around how long it takes to build a bathroom, or how much it might cost.

So, saddle in as I spill the beans on 5 misconceptions on renovations.

1. You need $70k for a bathroom

When looking to build, people have a budget in mind on what they feel comfortable spending—we all have different financial positions. These building budgets need to align with the project you are looking to achieve, the same goes for a bathroom renovation project or any kind of renovation you may have in mind.

Do not base your building budget on previous building experiences of your friends and family, or television shows like ‘The Block’ or ‘House Rules’. We recommend finding a builder you believe will be compatible to work with on your proposed project and discussing if your budget suits the type of project you are looking to undertake.

Builders that specialise in that area of construction will have a firm idea of what costs would be involved in the project you are describing and can advise accordingly. For example, Watara has a reputation as award-winning renovation builders in Brisbane and can accurately quote on renovation projects compared to a generic builder.

2. You need multiple quotes

Talking to numerous builders is not only time consuming, but if the scope of works and the documentation for the project are not 100% complete, then you are going to receive back numerous prices that differ dramatically, and you will be more confused in which step to take next, and which builder to move forward with.

Find a builder in which you like their style of building or a builder that specialises in the area of building project you are looking to perform. Work with this one builder from the initial meeting through the whole process. This is the most successful way in moving forward to get the end result you desire.

3. You will get your building proposal in 24hrs

Supplying a detailed building proposal to a client isn’t a simple or quick process. Firstly, a builder needs to review the documentation thoroughly, supply subcontractors their scope of work, discuss the project with suppliers and check availability on lead times, pricing and liaise with other consultants (engineers, architects, surveyors, etc) on the project.

The builder and their staff then need to collate all this information and review, ensuring it’s accurate. Depending on the size of this project this can take anywhere from 3-6 weeks to finalise and deliver to the client.

This is often the most important part of the build. If you fail to prepare, then prepare to fail. So, it’s important due diligence is taken in these early stages.

"Would you go and see the cheapest eye doctor? Or take your kids to the cheapest school?"

4. Go with the cheapest builder

Price is certainly one of the factors to consider when planning a renovation. However, it shouldn’t be the only factor on which you base your decision. If you decide to move forward with a builder based on price, be conscious that the end output will only look like the price you paid.

You really only get the opportunity to renovate or extend your home once, our advice is to make the most of it and enjoy the process. Extension projects costs can vary a lot, but by choosing a builder of your trust you can avoid a few problems along the way and a much better outcome for your project.

Select a builder with which you see yourself working for not only the construction phase but with again in the future. The relationship doesn’t end at the handover of the keys, it will continue through the 12-month defect liability period and also the 6 months and 6 years QBCC Homes warranty. The company values and processes need to be something that you align with and see yourself working within to ensure a successful Build.

A home is such a huge investment. Would you go and see the cheapest eye doctor? Or take your kids to the cheapest school? You invest in the things you use the most and generally find the person or company that has the best reputation to execute it.

5. “The Block can do a kitchen in a week”

People usually decide to renovate or extend their home and they want to start right now! There is a lot of planning and documentation to get done prior to starting a successful build. When you start thinking about extending your home or renovating, figure out exactly what you are wanting to achieve and why. The “why” will guide you in the right direction.

Do your homework about what will be included, start working on a scope of work and aim to establish a budget from the research you have done. Renovating or extending is not like buying a new TV, there are so many factors that formulate a successful build. Once you are 75% certain you have the scope of works and a firm understanding of what you want to achieve in your home, start looking for a builder which suits you and the style of home you are working on.

Navigating your first renovation or extension can be tricky! This article hopefully drove home a few truths to the misconceptions that make their way around the industry.

At the end of the day, Watara Homes isn’t just here to execute a build, we pride ourselves on our customer service and helping our clients get through a project without any nasty surprises along the way.

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